Netstat 1.3.0 for iPhone® and iPad®

A netstat status app for Apple iOS — discover which servers and ports are being used on iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch®. Monitor your device’s TCP connections for uploads and downloads (IPv4 only) and export the list as CSV. Very useful for programmers, developers and curious users! You can use in-app feedback if you have questions or ideas.

Questions & Answers

What’s New in Netstat 1.3?

Features marked PRO are available to everyone who’s made an in-app purchase of “All Features” in any Netstat version.

What’s Planned?
You can request new features and improvements by providing feedback within the app, or you can e-mail . High priority requests for future versions include:
Can Netstat tell me what apps are using the Internet?
Currently, iOS does not allow Netstat to tell you what apps are using the Internet. Instead, you can see what connections are going into and out of your device. Netstat’s in-app upgrades will help you monitor your data usage by detailing the servers, ports, and bytes used. You can view details of individual connections and an aggregate of bytes received from each server and port. If you haven’t purchased an in-app upgrade, you’ll be using the ad-supported version of Netstat which includes its own connections to the ad network.
Can Netstat hide its own connections?
The free version of Netstat shows its own connections, because iOS does not allow it to identify its own connections. In-App Purchases eliminate ads, so the only connection made by Netstat is when it checks for new documentation.
What do the icons mean?
The icons as follows are explained in the screenshots in the App Store. Since Netstat 1.2, all in-app upgrades enable detailed information about your connections.
What does “3 of 5 connections” mean?
Netstat shows closed connections for a while. So, “3 of 5 connections” means that you’ve had five recent connections, of which three are still active and two were recently closed.
How can I view details for each connection?
For advanced details, buy an in-app upgrade within Netstat. All in-app upgrades will reveal extensive connection details. In-App Purchase
Feature Details PRO
Connection Details YES YES
Activity Timeline YES YES
Bytes Sent/Received YES YES
Test Host Connection YES YES
Audio Mode (1.3+) NO YES
Delta Mode (1.3+) NO YES
Custom Sorting (1.3+) NO YES
IP Address Mode (1.3+) NO YES
What are the ports, and who owns the server I'm connecting to?
If you purchase All Features (in-app upgrade), you can click on the ‘Remote Host’ and ‘Remote Port’ to get WHOIS information from the web.
What does “Save For iTunes” mean?
When you connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer with a USB cable, you can managed your apps and documents in iTunes. Click through to the Apps pane, scroll down to File Sharing, and highlight Netstat in the lower-left Apps list. Your CSV files will appear as Documents on the right. You can then download and delete the CSV files. View the Apple Support Knowledgebase for further information.
Can I see tethered connections?
No, iOS currently doesn’t provide a way for Netstat to do it. Netstat can’t show tethered connections, nor can it monitor their byte usage.
Nothing is happening!
If ‘DNS’ is not working on your device, your apps will be unable to connect to their servers. There won’t be any connections for Netstat to display. This is because DNS does not make connections that Netstat can monitor. You’ll need to reconnect your device to the Internet.
No sound plays!
You may have muted your iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.
How do I re-install the in-app features I paid for?
You may need these instructions if you restored Netstat from backup or bought a new device. Tap Settings, then tap on the Feature, tap on the Price, and tap to Buy. When you enter your Apple ID password, Apple will check your purchase history and if you previously purchased the upgrades, you’ll be prompted to download them for free. This can also be used to install the in-app purchases on additional devices linked to your account.
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